Jaipur Rugs Company -    Hand Knotted Wool Carpets , Hand Knotted Silk Carpets, Hand Tufted Carpets, Natural Fibres Carpets, Tibetan Carpets, Mats ,Shags, Durries, Sumak Jaipur Rugs Company -    Hand Knotted Wool Carpets , Hand Knotted Silk Carpets, Hand Tufted Carpets, Natural Fibres Carpets, Tibetan Carpets, Mats ,Shags, Durries, Sumak Jaipur Rugs, Jaipur Carpet, Hand Knotted carpets in India  

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Jaipur Rugs Company -    Hand Knotted Wool Carpets , Hand Knotted Silk Carpets, Hand Tufted Carpets, Natural Fibres Carpets, Tibetan Carpets, Mats ,Shags, Durries, Sumak


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Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer and wholesale exporter of Wool, Wool-Silk and Pure Silk Rugs/ Carpets, Hand Tufted Rugs/ Carpets. Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 1999. Formerly known as Jaipur Carpets, and since then, it has been providing premium quality carpets to its customers worldwide. Many of its designs are registered in India and USA. Its quality, design & rich colors have been instrumental in bringing about a revolution in rugs and carpet business.

Since our inception almost 10 years back, we have marched towards glory fighting all odds and today we are one of the forerunner companies of the trade, serving a wide clientele throughout the geographic periphery. The company is now covering eight states with Rajasthan as primary region. The other states are Gujarat, UP, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Nagaland and Bihar. We have also made an international presence by setting up Jaipur Rugs Inc., our representative company in Atlanta, USA. At present, our company is majorly catering to USA, Australia, Canada, Greece, Germany, Spain amongst other countries. We plan to further expand our reach by developing products based upon customer feedback which will help us to cater to a larger share of the global carpet market.


Jaipur Rugs Company always believes that "Everyone has the power to transform the world; the key is to search within and discover your power." This belief has helped the founder Mr. N. K. Chaudhary to give our company a global recognition in the market, by providing exceptional piece of art to our valued clients.

Mr. N. K. Chaudhary's passion for the art of carpet making made him study this art very closely. He learned in details the intricacies of the manufacturing process while interacting with the weavers, and eventually became an expert of the hand-knotted rug weaving process. With adequate knowledge of the know-how of the trade, he set up two weaving looms in 1978 and employed local weavers. Initially, the company fulfilled outsourcing needs of other companies, but as time passed, the market exposure grew and the company moved into exports in 1999, which further took Jaipur Rugs Company to greater heights. The full fledged company established in 1999 started with mere 200 looms and today it has grown to a company of 40,000 weavers with more than 4000 looms.
Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur started at a low scale but soon established itself as one of the most promising companies of the trade. It has been conferred “Star Export House” by Director General of Foreign Trade, Govt. of India, in March 2005. Today its worth is more than 250 million with a work force of more than 12,000 employees, weavers and other associates. With the increase in the size of the firm, the attitude and workmanship also changed, and today, the firm in carrying out its activities on a modern professional approach.

Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd. has been making top quality Hand-knotted Rugs in wool & silk materials with the help & support of finest craftsmen. Today stake holder's satisfaction, clarity in vision and equal opportunity for all are among a few of our success features.

At Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd, we manufacture elegantly designed and exquisitely finished customized Handmade Rugs, woven with woolen and silk threads. We look upon business not merely as a source of income or profit but as a way of life, and a medium for putting our talents to good use. While at the same time affording us an opportunity to be of service to the community, profits will follow. We at Jaipur Carpets have always remembered that profit is not just a set of figures, but of values.

We are a Great team that comprises designers and craftsmen with an extraordinary flair to design and weave unique Rugs by blending creativity with skills of weaving. Our Hand Knotted Rugs are part of the life of Indian tribal weavers from the mountains of Northern India and made with the ancient traditional style preserved from centuries ago. The strikingly beautiful designs and rich colors of these heirloom quality rugs are unique to Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd. of India.


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